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7 Philadelphia.  SPY IMPROV: A Holistic Approach to Uncovering the Deep State, What’s Next?  Tickets $20 at the door, $10 Super Early, $15 Early: TicketBud for This Event


17-18 New York City. Various events including a major televised speech evening of 18th Deep State versus Trump State: A Spy’s Perspective and a political dinner to unite the tribes (including Working Families) in favor of the Unity for Integrity Act.

8 Bangkok, Thailand. Sponsored by Sacha Stone of Humanitad, I will be in Bangkok, Thailand shooting a short documentary with a phenomenal celebrity also prior Special Forces, on Sunday 7 May, and will be available to do any encounter, workshop, speech, meal, whatever, all day Monday 8 May. I attended the International School in Bangkok while my father was being held a prisoner in China (but in a guest house with a bottle of beer for every meal, not an actual prison) and I very much look forward to visiting Thailand again. Anyone who would like to schedule an encounter, get in touch.