2013 AF Deployment Series In-person & online courses
2013 Foreign Disclosure Series In-person & online courses
1993-2012 Commercial Intelligence & Security 15+ conferences
1993-2012 Futures Issues Varied conferences
12/08/1991 Intelligence Policy Issues Harvard (JFK)
06/05/1989 Command & Staff  Operations Marine Corps University
05/02/1989 Military Intelligence Analysis USN-USMC Intelligence
06/15/1988 Leadership at Sea (Offshore D Skipper) USNA Sailing Squadron
06/01/1987 Mid-Career Management CIA Office of Training
12/10/1986 Information Technology (various courses) CIA Office of Training
10/06/1986 Imagery for Managers CIA Office of Training
07/07/1986 Management & Supervision (three courses) CIA Office of Training
06/09/1986 Contract Management CIA Office of Training
04/14/1986 Field Station Management CIA Office of Training
03/03/1986 Cryptology for Managers NSA Office of Training
02/10/1986 Analytic Tradecraft (various courses) CIA Office of Training
10/17/1979 Clandestine Operations (Ops I &II, PM-B) CIA Office of Training
09/03/1979 Career Trainee Course CIA Office of Training
08/20/1979 Security & Classified Materials Control CIA Office of Training
04/03/1978 Administration (Personnel Management) USMC Adjutant School
06/13/1977 Amphibious Warfare Operations USMC AWS (Distance)
06/07/1976 Security & Classified Materials Control NavSecGrp Okinawa
03/15/1976 Leadership in Infantry Operations USMC Basic School